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From Humble Beginnings

One of the many goals for this year is to utilize this site more than we have in the past. As you'll now see, we've got a nice, fresh look and added a whole boat-load of content! If you want to check any of that out, click here. On our 'Videos' page you'll find most of the short films we've created over the years, retrospective videos, trailers for upcoming projects, and some music videos for local Chicago bands. It's pretty awesome to see all of those films located in one area. The years of work that went into everything, the stories we'll never forget, and the prospect of new and better things.

We're currently toying with the idea of doing reaction videos to all of our old work. This little site has a cool livestream option so if we can get that to a working place we might stream the process of recording. Of course, we'd start with our beloved Void, where we get our name. Void is where it all started, where a lot of things started actually. Nathan and I had first met previously on a film called Critical Mass, my first film outside of Columbia. We got to talking, shared an interest in horror films, and started spitballing ideas back and forth. This, is where Void all started.

It's funny to look back on now. Void was originally intended to be a musical. We had music written and everything. If I can track down the songs I'll upload them here at some point. Quickly did we realize though that a musical was a very serious undertaking and we wouldn't have the funds to complete the film as we saw it. So instead, we scrapped the musical bits and turned it into a 20ish page narrative script. We made the trek to my grandparents summer home in Wisconsin and shot over the course of two weekends. I urge everyone to go to our Videos page and check out the finished project.

Stick around for more updates and announcements coming soon!

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