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First Livestream and Reaction Video

Here's a throwback photo to when we shot 'A Night at the Grand Guignol'. Nate and myself setting up a scene with Conor (half-pictured frame right) and the lovely Sheila O'Connor. It's always fun looking back at our old shorts and seeing the gear we were using at the time. This one in particular was shot on my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (the OG). We rented a set of Rokinon cine-lenses for this one which were fantastic. We also had our good friend, Jeremy Hull (Stage 12 Productions) shooting as well which sped up the process and allowed us to quickly move through scenes while getting a ton of footage.

While we're on the topic of throwbacks, Nate and I recently did our first livestream! We took it way back to the beginning and reacted to our first ever short film, 'Void'. To watch the full reaction video, click here. I love going back and watching the originals. I don't think I can fully appreciate a film that I've created until a few years have passed. I love so much about Void and we hope to further explore the idea, build upon it, and maybe even re-create it in some version or another somewhere down the road.

Let's now move onto some updates! Out with the old and in with the new! We're hoping to have 'TORture' finished soon! Just a few things to finish up with that one. Check the teaser trailer below:

Another fun thing that is nearing completion is 'Dig My Grave', see below for the trailer for that one. This one is a part of The Reddit Film Project. To put it simply, TRFP is a community of filmmakers from all over the world that are coming together to create an anthology film based on stories from Reddit. A few more tweaks to the color, finalizing the score, sound design and this one should be done!

I think that's all I got for you this time around. A few very exciting projects are shooting this month, I'll keep y'all updated as I can. Until next time!

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